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A Blind Eye.

October 21th, 2023

Reality is not the only thing that I’ve turned a blind eye to, as I’ve been watching Gravion and its sequel Gravion Zwei. It’s a 2002 mecha anime produced by Gonzo and directed by non-other than the legendary Masami Obari. If you recognize that name, you know what his shows are comprised of. Awesome mecha, character designs who anatomy defy logic, and…a lot of titillation. A lot. The plot is fairly straightforward. An alien race known as the Zeravire are invading the Earth and only the mysterious Sandman and the occupants of his Saint-Germain Castle hold the key to defeating them; The gravity powered, Super Robot Gravion! Secondary to the central plot, all the main cast have their own objectives and histories that slowly intertwine as the plot unravels. It’s a decently fun story with the drama, twists, and character development really ramping up in the second season. Of course, a lot of the seriousness is undercut by the previously mentioned rampant amount of “fanservice”.


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Heart & Yummie Review

May 19th, 2023